Healthy Bowel Habits

What is normal? Bowel habits vary from person to person. In terms of bowel emptying, normal frequency varies from 2-3x's/day to once every 2-3 days. The bowel motion should be easy to pass. There should be no need to strain. The Bristol Stool Chart - or as we affectionately call it - the poo chart - describes the different types of stool and categorises them Type 1 to 7. Type 3 and 4 are the ideal stool types. These are easy to store, and easy to pass. Types 1 and 2 cause constipation as they are harder and dryer and type 5-7 are loose bowel motions - diarrhoea and are more likely to cause faecal incontinence. The Digestive System When we eat, food enters our stomach. From here it pass

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