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Di Boyd

Massage Therapist

Di is our resident Massage Therapist.  With over 14 years experience, ongoing professional development courses, and more recently taking up a teaching role, she has a multitude of techniques to draw on during her treatment sessions.  These include remedial massage, trigger point release, craniosacral therapy, acupressure, pregnancy massage and energy work. 

Di is a very intuitive therapist who will quickly achieve results by working with your body and emotions. She is focused on alleviating stress from your body.  Stress may present as tight muscles or an injury, or emotionally, like work pressure, busy lives, or just that feeling of being overwhelmed.  These stressors can have a major impact on the body, your health and how you live day to day.  

By releasing muscular tension, letting go of emotions or allowing your body to have the well-needed "time out" of a busy life, your body is allowed to function and move freely.  A calm mind that is more efficient with less effort is the aim.  This balances the body and mind so that you can give so much more to what is important in your life. 

Di manages her own bookings.

To book an appointment, please call her direct on: 0422 002 409

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