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  • Jenni Davies


What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is normal healthcare online.

Instead of physically attending a clinic, we link to you via a safe, encrypted, confidential video link software in the comfort of your own home - similar to using Facetime or Skype. All you need to access this is a device (phone, laptop, desktop, ipad or similar) with a camera and email/internet access.

The platform is easy to use. A link is sent to you via email with instructions. We then call you and the session starts as we would do in the clinic.

Telehealth at Beaches Pelvic Physio:

We have incorporated this as a service offered by Beaches Pelvic Physio in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Firstly, whilst our clinic remains open, we are strictly following all the Federal and State guidelines regarding disinfecting, hygiene and screening practices so you can rest assured that we are providing a safe environment.

However, there are some of you that are at higher risk from COVID-19, those of you who prefer to self-isolate and those of you who may have travelled, or be sick with a bug and can't come into the clinic. We feel strongly that this should not limit our ability to start or continue your treatment.

With this in mind, we are now offering Telehealth appointments.

If you already have an appointment with us, you will be receiving a direct invite to either continue with your clinic appointment or switch to a Telehealth appointment, if you prefer.

Should we be put in a situation where we have to close the physical clinic premises due to a Government 'lock down', then all appointments will continue via Telehealth.

Are there limitations to Telehealth?

Our ideal situation is to see you physically in the clinic so that we can definitively diagnose what is going on with our manual testing. However, in pelvic health, 90% of what we do does not involve physical contact. We discuss your symptoms and concerns, we educate about pelvic health, we do physical testing - a large percentage of which can still be performed under verbal guidance with us watching your movements via the videolink - and we build recovery programmes tailored to your individual goals. The part we can't do via Telehealth is the internal assessment. This is obviously a limitation but not a deal breaker. During our normal assessment, we have usually formed a working diagnosis that we then confirm with our physical assessment. With Telehealth, we will use this working diagnosis, together with the physical testing that we are able to do, to build a programme. This can be incredibly effective, even if it's not perfect.

How to book your Telehealth appointment:

If you have current booking with us and would prefer to change to a Telehealth appointment, please call us at the clinic and we will rearrange it.

If you would like to make a new appointment, you can do so through all the usual channels:

. online at

. via telephone on 0435 150136

Please do contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the above information, we will happily discuss it with you.

Wishing you all good health and a safe community.

Jenni & the Beaches Pelvic Physio Team

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