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Jenni Davies APAM, MACP
APA Sports and Exs Physiotherapist
Pelvic Health Physiotherapist
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Jenni is the Principal Physio and Clinical Director of Beaches Pelvic Physio.  


Having qualified from Leeds Metropolitan University (UK) in 1992 she has over 30 years clinical experience.  During that time she has completed a Graduate Certificate in Sports Physiotherapy from Manchester Metropolitan University (UK, 1999) and a Masters in Sports Physiotherapy with Distinction from Curtin University (AUS) in 2001 together with extensive advanced courses, seminars and conferences in women's, men's and pelvic health and treatment and management of the pelvic girdle, hips and groin amongst others.  

Jenni is passionate about treatment and management of the pelvis and has focused on this area for many years.  This started during her time working in America, Australia and England as a Sports Physiotherapist (England Men's Junior and Cadet Volleyball, Company Physiotherapist for Birmingham Royal Ballet), and developed further to encompass the internal aspects of pelvic health after having her own children 17 and 15 years ago.  She now integrates both internal and external pelvic assessment, treatment and management techniques to provide very specific, evidence based, recovery programmes for her clients.   These progress from basic treatment, to return to sport programmes, modified exercise programmes to enable continued participation during the treatment process and tailored technique sessions.  It is a rare occurrence when someone is told to stop exercising completely.  We will do our best to keep you active and participating even if it's modified. 

Jenni is a firm believer in aiming high.  You never know where your safe limit is until it's reached, so let's work together to find that limit rather than just saying you can't do something because of a specific diagnosis.  

Jenni has been known to get on her 'soap box' on more than one occasion to advocate for Pelvic Health.  Traditionally this has been an area of the body that has been a taboo topic with relatively little known about it, even by general Medical and Allied Health Practitioners.  This is now gradually changing and is another area that Jenni is passionate about - translating the latest research into everyday knowledge and increasing general awareness of pelvic health issues in the community (both general and medical) to start to reduce the awful statistics that currently exist for pelvic health.   

On a personal level, Jenni is an ex-National League indoor and beach volleyball player who has recently made a come back to the indoor court in the SVL,  she has 2 very active daughters and loves a good bit of competition. She can be found in any number of places outdoors - running on the beach or trails, playing volleyball, tennis, kayaking or standing by the side of netball, soccer and cricket courts/pitches/ovals. 

Her main areas of clinical interest are:

. Pelvic Girdle Pain (including pubis symphysis, sacroiliac, coccygeal and deep gluteal pain) - sport, pregnancy or general

. Hip, Groin and Back pain/dysfunction - especially those that are not responding to standard treatment

Pelvic Floor Muscle Dysfunction

. Incontinence (bladder and bowel)

. Prolapse (including vaginal pessary fitting)

Bladder Dysfunction

. Overactive bladder / Urgency

. Pre-/Post-Natal education, treatment and management 

. Pre-/Post-Operative care (including prostatectomy, hysterectomy, prolapse repairs)

. Abdominal Separation 

. Mastitis

Deep Core Retraining

. Return To Sport programmes (post-natal, post-operative or otherwise)

. Pelvic Pain (including: vaginissmus, dyspareunia [painful intercourse], vulvodynia, endometriosis)

Dysynergic Defaecation 

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