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Buggy Bootcamp
Buggy Bootcamp

Buggy Bootcamp has been keeping new Mums sane since 2012!  An outdoor group exercise class where bub comes along for the ride – Buggy Bootcamp provides social, effective, post-natal safe classes with an ocean view. We modify for post-natal concerns such as pelvic floor and abdominal separation and ease you gently back into exercise in line with our ‘Safe Return to Exercise’ accreditation.


At Buggy Bootcamp we are not about weight loss or ‘fitting back into the pre baby jeans’, we are about all the other health and well-being benefits group exercise brings to that tough first year of Motherhood.

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As the only pre and post-natal Club servicing the Northern Beaches, BUMP offers mothers and expectant mothers a truly one of a kind experience, all under one roof. Our mission is to create a community that offers unparalleled support to women. A place where you can feel guilt free about taking time-out to work on getting your mind and body back.

Whether it’s fitting back into your favourite jeans, or seeing a particular number on the scale, we are here to create the safest and most effective training program for you.

Into You is home of the 6-step Restore Your Core and Pelvic Floor Programme which takes you from physio to your exercise of choice in a logical, safe and systematic way. Whether you wish to run again, or just make dinner without back pain, we can take you there. 

We also provide abdominal scar release massage, self-esteem coaching, styling, nutrition and self-care. 

Active Seniors Health Centre focuses purely on the needs of Seniors. Our University qualified Exercise Physiologists, assess the health of each individual and then design a personalised exercise program to meet their needs. This may include strength, flexibility, fitness, coordination or balance control exercises, in addition to nutrition and lifestyle advice. The exercise program includes a comprehensive health assessment, an individualised exercise program and regular review consultations, to track your progress and alter your program as required. Assessments and exercise sessions can be completed in a one-on-one session, social group sessions at the centre or online via our virtual assessment and video programs.

Recommended Apps

Brilliantly simple app that:

  • reminds you to do your exs

  • times you whilst you do them

  • has different variations of exs

  • keeps track of your dedication

Available for Men and Women

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Menstrual Cycle tracker app that: 

  • predicts your next period

  • predicts time of ovulation

  • allows you to record symptoms

National Public Toilet Map

  • Lists all public toilets in Australia

  • Personalise for:

    • access options​

    • opening times

    • change tables

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Flush Pro - Restroom Finder

  • Lists and maps of international public toilets

  • Use online or offline

Pelvic Health and Wellbeing

YourHealth Northern Beaches provides integrative medicine which includes a combination of conventional medicine and natural therapies. We start the journey with a holistic diagnosis of your health to provide you with a detailed and individualised treatment programme specifically for you. 


Monica Cook - Sex therapist & educator

Sex therapy is a specialised health profession designed to help both individuals and couples resolve sexual difficulties. Monica uses a range of relationship counselling approaches, psychotherapy techniques, take-home exercises and education to help people address their concerns. 


Kathryn Bell - experienced birth & postnatal doula and certified Hypnobirthing Australia practitioner -

is passionate about supporting new parents to prepare with confidence for a positive birth and early parenthood. Giving educational, emotional and physical support throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum to help them create the most beautiful, calm and empowering experience possible.

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