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Stretch Class 

This 60 minute general stretch class, taken by our own resident stretch guru Di, is designed to unwind those postural habits and areas of tightness in your body that creep up on you over time.  It's guaranteed to make you feel amazing afterwards, and as you complete the course, start to feel the long term benefit of a greater freedom of movement. 

Who should come? 

​Anyone and everyone is welcome to this class, although class sizes are limited to 5, so get in early to reserve your spot. 


Where Is It? 

This class is held in the exercise studio here at Beaches Pelvic Physio



What to wear / what equipment to have:

  1. Wear clothing that you are comfortable moving around in, in different positions including on the floor.  Tracksuits, leggings or shorts with a comfy top are ideal.



This class is run as a 4 week course which costs $80-

Unfortunately, this one is not claimable through HICAPs


Tuesday morning 9.30am


To book into this class, please either call reception on 02 8964 5579 / 0435 150136 or click on the following link to book online:

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