Restore Your Core - Online



Single class: $25-

5 class pass *: $110- (save $15-)

Assessment and 5 class pack **: $280- (save $25-)

* There is no time limit to use the 5 classes in the class pack

** After coming for the initial assessment, the first class must be completed within 2 weeks to ensure you consolidate the techniques taught to you in the assessment session.  

Who is this for? This is the perfect class if you are wanting to restore normal function to your abdominal and deep core muscles. You may have recently given birth (with or without abdominal separation), be recovering from surgery or just want to improve your core under the guidance of a Physio. 

What is it? 50 minute online small group class led by one of our Pelvic Health Physios

Aim: To rebuild your core from the inside out

What does the class involve? Specific, evidence based exercises to: release compensatory tightness; tone, strengthen and build endurance in the deep core muscles; coordinate the deep core with breath and functional movement; and improve efficiency of overall movement. 

Pre-requisites to joining the class: Due to the very specific nature of this class, it is vital that you attend the clinic for an assessment of your abdominal and pelvic floor function prior to the first class.  

Equipment needed: towel or mat to lie on, comfortable stretchy clothes to wear


Tuesdays 9.30am

Fridays 12.15pm 

Please call 0435 150136 to book