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Pelvic Floor Exercise Class

This 30 minute research-based class, designed to fit easily into your day, is run by one of our Pelvic Health Physiotherapists and is aimed at retraining your pelvic floor muscles. 


Research evidence is clearly showing us that taking part in a group guided pelvic floor retraining class,1-2/week, to compliment the training you are doing on your own at home, gives you significantly quicker improvement in all facets of pelvic floor muscle function when compared to just exercising on your own.  

The classes consist of a series of exercises to:

  • Improve the coordination of your breath with pelvic floor and deep core muscles

  • Optimise the strength and endurance of the pelvic floor muscles

  • Maximise the relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles

  • Optimise your ability to contract and relax the pelvic floor muscles at speed

  • Progressively challenge the coordination of the pelvic floor muscles with functional loads and movement patterns

Exercises will be performed in a variety of positions to challenge and retrain the normal reflexive action the pelvic floor muscles 


Classes are run every week on a rolling basis with no term-time blocks

Who Should Do It? 

This class is perfect for anyone wanting to improve their pelvic floor muscle function, male and female


Where Is It? 

Whilst we get settled in our new clinics, all the pelvic floor exercise classes will be online. Once you have booked in, we will send you the link - it is very simple, no downloads required, just a device with camera and microphone, with internet access.  


Single Class: $20-

5 Class Pass: $95- ($19-/class)

10 Class Pass: $180- ($18-/class)

Your first class is free, to enable you to trial the class and see if it is right for you. 

After that, all classes are claimable from your health fund if you have extras cover (code 561).  We are unable to claim them directly on the HICAPs machine unfortunately (this is standard for all Physio run classes), but we will provide you with the receipt that you can submit to your health fund to receive your rebate. 

If you buy the class pass, you will be able to claim your rebate on completion of the whole pass. Unfortunately the health funds don't allow you to claim them individually when bought as a package.


NOTE: the class passes have no time limit on their useage.  


What to wear / what equipment to have:

  1. Wear clothing that you are comfortable moving around in, in different positions including on the floor.  Leggings or shorts with a comfy top are ideal

  2. A yoga mat, if you have one, or any comfortable place to lay on the floor

  3. A weight(s) to lift - anything from 2-5kg

  4. Something to squeeze between your knees eg a ball, a cushion, a rolled towel

  5. A resistance band if you have one



If you have been undergoing treatment with one of our Pelvic Health Physios in clinic, you can transfer straight into the class.  

If this is your first attending the clinic, we will ask you to fill in an online questionnaire and book an appointment for an initial 45min assessment before joining the class.  This is to enable us to ensure that the class is appropriate for you and that your basic, foundation-level pelvic floor contraction is correct. 

Most significantly, if you have any current or previous symptoms of pain with intercourse or tampon use, difficulty starting the flow of urine, difficulty emptying your bladder or bowel with ease, or pelvic pain such as endometriosis, adenomysosis, PCOS, prostatitis or similar, your pelvic floor muscles may actually be short and tight, or in spasm, in which case taking part in a programme focussed on strength and endurance may be the opposite of what you need and will potentially make your symptoms much worse.  If this it the case, as a result of the assessment we will give you a programme of pelvic floor release and relaxation exercises to help ease your symptoms.  

Please note that the questionnaire is fully confidential and will only be reviewed by your treating Physio prior to your appointment.  During the appointment she will review the questionnaire with you, clarify any details necessary, and perform a physical assessment where needed.  From this, you will either be given the all clear to join the classes, or you will be given a very specific programme to get you ready to join the class. 


Our aim is always to get you into the classes as soon as possible, but we need to do that safely. 


Tuesday lunchtime at 12.30pm

Wednesday morning at 10.20am


Please call reception to book into the class

Healthfund Rebates:

  1. Classes are claimable on your healthfund if you have the appropriate 'extras'

  2. For 5 or 10 class packs, you will submit your claim on completion of the class pack

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