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Restore Your Core

This 60 minute research-based class, run by one of our Physiotherapists, is aimed at retraining your deep core to work efficiently, and ultimately automatically, to enable you to safely return to, or to improve your performance and efficiency of movement in daily life and your sport/exercise of choice.


It is suitable for anyone who is:

  1. > 8 weeks post-partum (the natural post-natal tissue tightening has occurred and you’re ready to really start to challenge your deep core and abdominals)

  2. Recovering from abdominal separation (any time from 8 weeks to 30+years!)

  3. Wanting to retrain or improve their deep core function


Class numbers are limited to a maximum of 6 people to enable exercises to be modified individually from the core class content to optimise your recovery/improvement.


During the class you will:

  1. Learn to coordinate the pelvic floor and deep abdominal and back muscles with your breath

  2. Progressively load the deep core with increasingly challenging movements

  3. Release tightness in the muscle groups that have been compensating for the alterations in your deep core function

  4. Enjoy mindfully exploring your body’s capabilities with a research backed programme taught by a Physiotherapist who has a special interest in deep core function

  5. Learn how to translate this deep core function into everyday life, exercise programmes (bootcamps, gyms, cross fit etc) and sport


What to bring/wear:

  1. Wear clothing that you are comfortable moving around in, in different positions including on the floor.  Leggings or shorts with a comfy top are ideal.



Because this is a very specific deep core retraining class, it is essential that you complete a screening assessment prior to your first attendance.  This is to ensure your suitability for the class, and identify any underlying risk factors that need to be taken into consideration. 


Having a pre-existing condition such as a prolapse, pelvic floor weakness, incontinence, low back pain, pelvic pain, will not exclude you from the class. In fact, the class is aimed to help you manage all these conditions more effectively, but in order to do this safely, we need to know exactly what your baseline function is so the exercises can be modified appropriately.


If you have been attending the clinic for treatment already, then the transfer to the class will be seamless. 


If you have not previously attended the clinic, then we will send you an online questionnaire to fill in and book you in for a 45 minute appointment.  The questionnaire is completely confidential and will only be reviewed by the treating Physiotherapist who will then review this with you during the appointment and complete any physical examinations necessary. This may include an assessment with the real-time ultrasound unit to assess your basic deep core coordination and control.


From this assessment, you will either be given the all clear to join the classes, or a specific retraining programme to get you ready to join the classes. 


Our aim is always to get you into the classes as soon as it is safe to do so, but equally, we do not want you doing a class that will cause longer term damage if you are not ready for it.


First trial class free

Single class $39.90-

5 class pass * $183.75- (save $15.75-)

10 class pass * $346.5- (save $52.50-)

Assessment and 5 class pack (plus 1 free trial class) ** $336- (save $68.40-)

* There is no time limit to use the 5 or 10 classes in the class packs

** After coming for the initial assessment, the first trial class must be completed within 2 weeks to ensure you consolidate the techniques taught to you in the assessment session.  If you decide, after the trial class, that you prefer not to continue, the 5 class pack will be refunded 


Wednesday 12pm

Healthfund Rebates:

  1. Classes are claimable on your healthfund if you have the appropriate 'extras'

  2. For 5 or 10 class packs, you will submit your claim on completion of the class pack


Please call reception to book into the class (online booking will follow shortly)

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