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  • Jenni Davies

4 Week Meditation Course

The lovely Miranda from Miranda Wise Meditation is joining us in the clinic to provide a beautiful meditation course in which you'll learn simple techniques to calm your body and mind. These techniques transport you out of the sympathetic nervous system fight and flight zone where adrenalin is racing through your body and into the parasympathetic nervous system relaxed, restful zone - the place where we are calm, focused, efficient and feeling great.

These breathing and relaxation techniques are perfect for calming the neural system for those suffering with chronic pain, health issues such as high blood pressure, cancer and anxiety, and for those in stressful situations - home, work, family.

Life is busy, kids - love them as we do - are full on, striving for that elusive work/life balance is an ongoing challenge. This course is the perfect introduction to really simple techniques that you can incorporate into daily life to bring some balance with ease.

Each session is 45 minutes on a Saturday afternoon that will leave you feeling great for the rest of the weekend. As a bonus, you will get to take home a guided meditation audio to help maintain that feeling during the week.

The course starts next Saturday (26th October) and runs for 4 consecutive weeks here at Beaches Pelvic Physio in Dee Why.

Book a place now and start bringing balance to life the simple way by texting or calling us on 0435 150136.

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