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  • Miranda Wise (Meditation Teacher)

Meditation Makes Sense!

Do you know what may well be the single most important, inexpensive and easy feel good factor you could add to your day…? Meditation. Yup, there’s that ‘buzzword’ again. But what exactly is it…?

Try this… take a moment, right now to notice your sense of hearing. Tune into what you can hear in this room, wherever you are. You might hear the sound of a ticking clock, a gentle buzz of an appliance, the sound of your own breath or even the sound of your own voice inside your head. See if you can really zoom in and take a moment to simply notice what you can hear around you right now. Try it… and stay here for a few breaths.

Now see if you can stretch your awareness out further to the sounds outside of the room. You might notice passing traffic, a dog barking, children playing or birds in the trees (when you’re ready, come back to these words… but see if you can stay here a while with the sounds outside of the room). Close your eyes and really listen…

This little exercise is a quick grounding called “coming to your senses”. Simply bringing your attention to one point of focus is essentially what meditation is, in a nutshell. By allowing your nervous system to relax a little, your body can soften and with it the mind and all the thoughts that fill it. We’re so inundated with things constantly vying for our attention - kids, partners, colleagues, tv, text messages, emails, WhatsApp, beeping fridges, beeping reverse cameras, beeping dishwashers, beeping everything!!! No wonder our bodies and minds are stressed out and in a constant state of tension. Even just using this little foundation of meditation… coming to your senses (and you can tune into all five of them - sight, smell, touch, taste as well as hearing) can make a huge difference to your day.

Meditation is a Pandora’s Box… you can delve as deeply or as simply into it as you like. There’s loads of different techniques to try. If you’re curious about how meditation can easily support you and help you find some calm and balance in the chaos of life, then come and join me on our next course running at Beaches Pelvic Physio in March 2020.

To receive more details about the course or take part, please call us here at Beaches Pelvic Physio on 0435 150136 or 02 8964 5579. Alternatively you can email us at

Here’s what some recent clients have said about the course:

“Miranda did an incredible job bringing meditation techniques and practices into everyday life and making them really accessible and applicable. She created a lovely safe space to learn this new skill. I highly recommend it for anyone with a busy life looking for techniques to find a moment of calm”… Jess Hall

“Miranda combines practical tips to introduce meditation into your daily life with an enjoyable and calming meditation and relaxation class experience”… Nicole

Making a little commitment to yourself will create really positive results in your life and outwards to your family!

See you soon!

Miranda Wise Meditation x

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