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  • Jenni Davies

What is a Prolapse? Does it need surgery? Will it get worse?

Do you have symptoms of heaviness, dragging, a feeling like something is falling out, low abdominal or back pain? Are you feeling a bulge or change in the shape of your vagina or anus? Have you been diagnosed with a prolapse already but are not sure what that means, or how much it really will effect your life? Have you been told, or have you read, that you must never lift, run or jump again?

This video is here to myth bust and educate about the reality of having a prolapse.


1. It is NOT the end of your life as you know it

2. It will not necessarily need surgery

3. There is A LOT you can do to manage it without surgery

4. Pelvic Health Physio's are your experts on conservative management of prolapses - whatever you've been told already, there is ALWAYS something that can be done to improve your symptoms

5. Here at Beaches Pelvic Physio we're passionate about keeping you as active as possible. We will rarely tell you to stop an activity (although we may modify it temporarily) unless you really can't control your symptoms with that activity


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